The building

The Museum extension and the configuration of the surrounding space were monitored by the architect Michalis Souvatzidis. The rearrangements include the repair and modernization of the existing building of 613,73 square meters, with the moderation of its old layout, the deposition of the neighbor structures (curator’s office, restrooms), the repair of various construction elements (coatings, colorations, false ceilings), air conditioning installation and the cladding with cement tile. 

The old building was integrated with the new extension so to look like one unity. The new extended part covers 2.692,23 square meters, with 1.390 square meters of semi open airs spaces, consisted of 3 basements, ground floor and rooms. This reconstruction includes retaining work with poles and reinformance coatings, digging, masonry, coverage, electromechanical installation, exterior landscape formulation of 1.749 square meters και backfilling  of ancient findings which were discovered during the digging of the building’s foundation and was decided to protect and preserve them.