Tour in Thebes

Thebes, in ancient Greek "Θῆβαι", is a Boeotian city, one of the oldest of Greece and among the few existing cities build before the Great Flood. According to myth, it is built by Cadmus, bearing great mythological importance. The general Epaminondas who made Thebes the ruling city of Greece, is among the most notable Thebans, as well as Pelopidas, the renowned leader of the Sacred Band.

The acropolis of Thebes was called Cadmeia, since the city’s founder was Cadmus. The plural number of the name Thebes comes from the fourteen gates of the city, connected to Niobe by myth.

The name Thebes was also used for the Egyptian city, at Karnak. This name is believed to be a derivative of the ancient Egyptian word for the city, “ta-pe,” in Greek.